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Before & After Gallery
of Revived Hair

Hair loss and scalp disorders vary for all kinds of reasons - but we can help!

Our holistic and natural therapies show proven results for more beautiful, healthy hair!

Hair-loss due to Hormonal changes

Menopause and other hormonal changes can are common causes for hair loss and hair thinning. The Trichologist can help those who have been affected by this, hormonal imbalances and other biological/genetic changes.

Hair-loss due to Traction, or "Tension" from hair braiding

Traction Alopecia generally occurs when hair is pulled too tight (tension) especially for an extend period of time, such as from tight hair styles, weaves, braids and ponytails. This is where clients can achieve significant results by working with their Trichologist.

Hair-loss due to Stress

Because stress is experienced by all of us at any given time for one reason or another, hair loss due to stress is among the more common conditions. Our Trichologist will work with you to establish a holistic and therapeutic approach to restoring your hair's growth. 

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