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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions not answered here? We're happy to help! 

  • Trichology Evaluation
    Comprehensive, private 1-1 hair and scalp analysis to create a personal profile and gather medical and hair care history. Analysis uses Bio-Energy Scanner, a state of the art device to assess the body’s stress load and establish baseline of your hair health. Duration: 1 -to- 3 hours Price Range: $100 - $200
  • Detox & Exfoliation
    Detoxification - to free hair and scalp from stress and toxins through a peeling and detox cleanse, to restore vitality and prevent imbalances. Exfoliation - to rid the scalp of the dead cells and product build-up that may be clogging the pores, preventing the follicles from emerging to the surface. Duration: 30 mins for each service Price Range: $20 – $45 each service
  • Hair Loss Treatment
    State of the art hair loss treatment formulated with all natural and organic remedies to protect hair, recover from damage induced by oxidizing agents, cutaneous trophism and more. Reactivates the scalp’s microcirculation, rebalances the natural pH level, remoisturizes the scalp and counters dilapidation. Price Range: $20 – $50
  • Hair Shaft Rebuilding
    Using the O-Way® product, infused with a cold fusion and ultrasonic infrared iron that seals the cutidescales to prevent further damage and regenerate hair protein and moisture levels, with an extraordinary collection of plant keratin, minerals, water and lipid reserves. Price Range: $75 – $85
  • Laser Light Therapy (or Low-level Laser Light Treatment; LLLT)
    Technique that delivers gentle laser light nourishment to the hair follicles to stimulate cellular energy production and promote hair growth, restore natural hair growth cycle and increase the density, fullness and vibrancy of the hair. Duration: 20mins Price: $30
  • Magic Scalp Wave
    Sonic wave, stimulating treatment for detoxification and a deep cleansing and soothing scalp massage for a healthier scalp, fuller hair and is a tension relieving experience. Results are 10x more effective than hand-shampooing. Duration: 20 mins Price: $20
  • Ozone SteamMister
    Aquatic Blue and Red Light Therapies for reducing inflammation and fungus, while strengthening, moisturizing and safeguarding against hair loss. Results in increased growth and length retention. Duration: 20 Mins Price: $30
  • Purifying, Rebalancing & Soothing
    Purifying Treatment - for both dry and oily hair, relieves itching and flakiness. Rebalancing Treatment -for excess sebum, shiny skin with yellowish spots, oily strands, clumps of dandruff. Soothing Treatment - for sensitive skin, patchy redness, some lesions and abrasions. $35 for each treatment type
  • Initial Consultation
    If you are seeking an initial consultation, but Not necessarily for a trichology exam, please Contact Us through our contact form, or email Casilda at
  • Looking for Cosmetology Services?
    See our Cosmetology Services page here. NOTE: You may like to have cosmetology and trichology treatments done in the same appointment. Contact Us to inquire or set up an appointment.
  • Do you have questions for the Trichologist?
    If you have a question for the Trichologist, please send us a note through the Contact Us or email Casilda at NOTE: New customers can request a Free Initial Consultation by contacting us. Be sure to let us know how you heard about Revive Trichology Salon!

More questions?

Trichological Issues & Disorders We Address

Common Hair Loss & Scalp Issues

Various modalities of Alopecia, Effluvium, and Folliculitis are among the hair loss and scalp conditions we address. 

Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss can be from stress, diet, and hormone imbalances, to medications, illness, and medical procedures.  While the cause can be from multiple reasons, we treat them in a holistic and healthy way. 

Poor Scalp Environments

Some indications of a poor scalp environment are dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, or clogged follicles from product build-up. These will be addressed during your consultation with the Trichologist.

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